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  • O'Loclainn's Irish Whiskey Bar   (and favourite B&B nearby)

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    ... and I like Jimi Hendrix

  • Purple Haze (Fehmarn 1970)
    sorry, no longer available

  • All Along the Watchtower (Fehmarn 1970)
    may be viewed from outside Germany

  • Voodoo Chile (Fehmarn 1970)
    sorry, no longer available, but ...

  • listen to Oliver Jüchems (heartwarming)

    Fehmarn ticket

    At last: My first Hohner ... and what came from it [click pic]
    My first Hohner My later Hohner
                                             Picture courtesy of Christian Pohlert

    Encore: Ankara Blues finale, with Sinan Kayaalp [click pic]
    Ankara Blues finale, with Sinan Kayaalp
    (courtesies – pic: Felix Hülsmann, clip: Patrick Renner)